ACES Europe supports actively the European values

ACES Europe is currently running a European grant in order to promote the values of sports, well-being and social inclusion at a local level.

Believing strongly in the European values, we have been providing the municipalities of Europe with the annual awards of the European Capital/City/Town/Community of Sport, spreading the messages of participation, social inclusion, fair play and well-being all around Europe.

During the last 18 years, ACES Europe has awarded over 500 large and small cities, contributing to significantly improve their sport policies, raising their investment attraction capacity, enhancing the social inclusion at local level and encouraging the European citizens’ participation in sport activities.

So far, several achievements have been reached through our awards. Notably, Antwerp, the European Capital of Sport in 2013, has increased citizens participation in sports by 10%. Similarly, Valencia, the European Capital of Sports in 2011, has established a European Observatory of Sport Good Practices. Finally, Logrono, the European City of Sport in 2011, recorded about 45 Million Return of Investment (ROI).

Working on a voluntary basis, we, ACES Europe, are really proud of our past achievements. The EU grant that has been awarded to our organisation aims at supporting our efforts to improve the quality of awards, to enlarge our community and to more intensely promote the sport values.

In turbulent times for the European Union, ACES Europe remains committed to its principles, such as team spirit, solidarity and fair play, through sports and physical activity. These principles go hand-in-hand with the European goals, and we certainly believe that sports can embody them, bringing more openness, diversity and collaboration between its citizens.

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