International recognition

Your city will be acknowledged as “Master of Sports” at European level.


Cities that have been awarded, bequeathed a better future in sports to their citizens. For example, in Antwerp, Capital of Sport in 2013, active people increased by 10%.

Media impact

1,5 bn impacts per year through TV, radio, internet, print.

Return of Investment

Andalusia, European Region of Sport 2021. Return on Investment of 156 million euros

Active networking

Exchange of best practices with other cities and participation in the several congresses with a network of more than 3.000 cities all around the world.

Improvement of local sport policies

Possibility of getting EU Grants

Every year ACES Europe involves cities in different EU projects and Calls.

Liveliness to your city

During the year, numerous events bring life to your city. For example, in Torino, European Capital of sport 2015, more than 1.000 events took place.