European Capital, Region, Cities, Towns and Communities of Sport candidates must, as part of their candidature, provide ACES with a bid file containing the answers to the questions (criteria) included in the guidance for the development of the bid file (Appendix VI).

The eligibility criteria have been established by ACES to have a thorough understanding about how the candidate cities promote in the population, through sport, the values of ACES: enjoyment in exercise, willingness to achieve, sense of community, learning fair play and improvement of health.

The organization of cities should develop a bid file to present its candidature providing information to respond to each of the points outlined in the eligibility criteria. The same criteria will use by the Evaluation Committee to assess the candidature during the visit.

Below some examples:

World Capital of Sport 2022
European Capital of Sport 2023
European Region of Sport 2021
European City of Sport 2021
EU Community of Sport 2019
European Town of Sport 2021.