A Week of Sport throughout Europe, under the motto of #BeActive!

From 23 to 30 September a moment of sharing on a European scale to reaffirm the importance of an active life, capable of improving the quality of life and lengthening it!

Thousands and thousands of Sporting Events, for everyone, throughout Europe: a Week where Sport is at the center of the European agenda.

ACES Europe and the EWoS

Next 23rd of September will be launched the 9th edition of the European Week of Sport with ACES Europe as proud partner of it one more year.

Our commitment to a widespread dissemination of the initiative is equipped with new tools: a Digital Agenda of EWoS Events in the cities awarded by ACES Europe and the presence of these Events in the official map of the European Commission.

The cities awarded by ACES Europe can find here all the graphic elements useful for creating the Posters of the Events and the excel file to be filled in with all the details.

More and more involved to #BeActive all year long!

Have a look to the “Highlights EWoS 2022 by The European Commission”: the page dedicated to ACES Europe’s activities

The European Week of Sport was launched in 2015 to respond to the growing crisis of inactivity. Sport and physical activity makes a significant contribution to the well-being of European citizens.
Unfortunately, the level of physical activity is stagnating and even declining in some countries.
No matter who we are and what we do, even slight increases in regular, physical activity can have a profound impact on our long-term health.
The Week exists to improve awareness of the importance an active lifestyle has for everyone.
The European Week of Sport is designed to give people around Europe and across the world a springboard into being active.


EWoS EVENTS AGENDA in the ACES awarded Cities



  • 1. #BEACTIVE (colors)
  • Here you find the #BEACTIVE logo and the color version – Download
  • 2. #BEACTIVE + dates
  • Here you find the complete #BEACTIVE logo, including European Week of Sport and dates (23-30 September). Positive and negative version – Download
  • 3. ACES Europe logo
  • The ACES Europe – Official Partner of the EWoS’ logo, to be added to your graphics. You can already find it in the ” Posters samples ” version – Download
  • 4. An Initiative EC
  • The official logo “An Iniatiative of the European Commission”, to be added to your graphics. You can already find it in the ” Posters samples ” version – Download
  • 5. EWoS graphic tools
  • Elements from the EC official graphics (orange boxes)  to be added to your own photos or graphics. You can already find some free-use photos with this orange boxes in ” EWoS Photos by EC ” session (and in the ” Posters samples ” session) – Download
  • 6. EWoS photos by EC
  • The free-use photos selected by the EC for the EWoS 2023 – Download
  • 7. Excel, EWoS Events
  • The Form to be filled with your Events and to be sent to alessio.dimaio@acesitalia.eu. Your datas will be submitted to two Agendas:
  • a) the EWoS official digital Agenda (a map online) with all Events in the whole Europe
  • b) the ACES Europe EWoS 2023 Agenda, a pdf file with all Events in the ACES awarded cities
  • For longitude and latitude of the exact place of your Events, you may use Google Maps
  • Download
  • 8. License Agreement
  • For using EC materials. To be signed for your photos and videos and to be sent to: alessio.dimaio@acesitalia.euDownload
  • 9. Poster Samples
  • The official Posters of the EWoS. You may use it for any use. They are in PPT version, so you may add your City or Sponsors logos, change or submit datas (text), etc. Or your can use it as a good example for your own Posters – Download