INSPORT+ kicks off in Italy

Led by the Municipality of Prato and local association Polisportiva Aurora, ACES Europe and a group of 5 other European partners participated in the official Kick-off Meeting of the INSPORT+ project in Prato, Italy. Aimed at exchanging and developing good practices in sports provision for persons with mental disabilities and mental health disorders, INSPORT+ will develop a number of Interregional Events taking place at partner locations until December 2017. Here, each host partner will gather local partners and stakeholders actively to discuss, exchange, and develop on their experiences and best practices to be identified, along with methods and approaches in sports training, mentoring, and provision for people with mental health disorders and mental disabilities. INSPORT+ is a key instrument in the fight against mental illnesses, and has come at a critical time for Europe: more than 20% of working-age people in OECD countries suffer from mental health problems (OECD, 2014), and the problem is growing fast. INSPORT+ can significantly contribute to countering this trend, as a project that will offer solutions to help people recover from mental illnesses through sport. ACES Europe will continue to communicate on the outcomes of the project every 1 or 2 months within the next 18 months.
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