Vital Cities Challenge

ACES Europe is taking part in an European Erasmus + Sport project called Vital Cities Challenge with a tracking movement App.

The Vital Cities Challenge (VCC) project is about equipping cities with the right tools and test innovative, data-driven, approaches to better engage citizens and physical activity, in line with the Council Recommendation on promoting health-enhancing physical activity (HEPA) across sectors. We aim to develop new and sustainable ways of enhancing the level of physical activity and improve the health of European citizens through the Vital Cities Challenge project. The challenge will engage users in a team challenge (via the vital city app) where their activity patterns contribute to the overall score for a particular city. By using a combination of engaging gamification techniques and local sports events, we aim to deliver a sustainable and substantial increase in physical activities. Our project pursues the following objectives:

  1. Addressing physical inactivity by engaging citizens in sport and physical activity using innovative and engaging approaches.

  2. Support cities in designing or reviewing their sport and physical activity strategies.

  3. Developing our knowledge and evidence base of data-driven sport policies through a scientific evaluation and a thorough policy review process.

  4. Scaling up local initiatives by engaging with a wider community of other cities, regions / at National and European level and governance.

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