Cali Meeting: Sport in the center of social inclusion policies

With the participation of ACES Europe’s representatives, Cali organized its first World Sport Summit on Friday 6 September. Attended by local authorities from eight countries, sport federations and UNESCO, the high-level conference was a unique opportunity for a discussion on how cities and municipalities can diminish social disparities through the promotion of physical activities.

During the conference, Hugo Alonso, Secretary General presented ACES Europe’s objectives, as well as he emphasized on the importance of Sport Awards for the development of an inclusive sports policy. “Investing more in sports means investing in youth and in social cohesion”, he said while he referred to projects of European municipalities that tackled social inequalities through developing inclusive sport strategies.

“It is a great initiative of Cali and we strongly encourage you to organize more and more events like this”, said Vincenzo Lupattelli, President of ACES Italia. “Exchanging best experiences between local authorities from different countries can contribute to the best solutions at municipal level”, he added.

“Cali has been focusing on the sectors of sport and recreation, adopting them as strategic axes for the transformation of our society”, said Francisco Sandoval Baffoni, secretary of Sports and Recreation.

The conversations that were held during the conference was the clear evidence of the importance of sport policy as a tool for social transformation, inclusion and integral development in the various cities of the world.

Cali, currently recognized as the American Capital of Sport, manages diverse sport and recreational disciplines, generating social welfare and running 14 free programs for all age groups.

Saadia S├ínchez Vegas, Director of the UNESCO Office, congratulated Cali for the initiative, adding that the social transformation through the promotion of sports has been on the focus of Cali’s Mayor.

The mayor of Cali, engaged in promoting this type of meetings that allow to enhance the sports, recreational and physical activity dynamics that take place in the city. For more information: & @SecDeporteCali.

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