ACES Europe prepares for INSPORT+

ACES Europe and 8 other partners are currently preparing the launch of the INSPORT+ Project: an initiative co-funded by the EU’s Erasmus+ Sport programme, aimed at exchanging and developing good practices in the promotion of sport for persons with mental disabilities and mental health disorders.
ACES Europe is proud to take part as a partner in the communication and dissemination of this project and will support the Kick-off of activities for the next 2 years on 29 – 31 March in Prato (Italy).
The project will be led by the Municipality of Prato (Italy) and supported by the following partners: ACES Europe (Belgium), NGO My World (Bulgaria), OCS Redon (France), IZSR (Germany), Megallo Group Foundation (Hungary), PODES (Portugal), FAISEM (Spain), Oxford City Council (UK).

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