Cali, American Capital of Sport will host the Junior Pan American Games 2021

The Colombian city of Cali will host the first Junior Pan American Games, in 2021.

On March 27, Cali was selected as the host city by the Executive Committee in San José, Costa Rica. The deadline to submit the application for the organisation of the first Junior Pan American Games was January 31, 2019. Panam Sports selected Cali, Santa Ana, and Monterrey as host city candidates.

The 2021 Junior Pan American Games (Spanish: Juegos Panamericanos Junior 2021) is an international multi-sports event for athletes aged 18 to 21 in the Americas. Cali will welcome athletes from 41 countries that will compete in more than 30 sport disciplines.

The moment of the announcement:

The decision was accepted with excitement from Cali’s representatives.

“This is a victory of the country, the result of teamwork, of the common efforts between the National Government, the Colombian Olympic Committee and the Governor of the Valley to achieve a common goal” said Ernesto Lucena, director of Coldeportes.

Cali was the first city to be awarded as the American Capital of Sport 2019, an award offered from ACES Europe in November 2018. The title provided the city recognition, as well as it was of the Executive Committee to select Cali as the host city.

The city’s efforts and persistence in investing in sport infrastructure and programmes proved fruitful. From ACES Europe, we warmly congratulate Cali and wish them success for the organisation of this significant sport event.

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