Bucharest: ACES Europe attended the EU Sport Forum 2019

Almost one month before the EU elections, one of the greatest EU Sport Forums took place on 8-9 April in Bucharest, where representatives from the EU institutions, sport federations, policy-makers, local authorities, the academia and athletes discussed about the big challenges facing both sport and our societies.

ACES Europe’s President, Gian Francesco Lupattelli and Secretary General, Hugo Alonso attended the high level conference and informed themselves about the latest developments regarding the EU sport policies, as well as they had the opportunity to network with other sport organisations, local authorities and experts in the sector of sports.

“We are glad to participate in the annual EU Sport Forum. It is of a great importance for us because it gives us the opportunity to discuss with experts in the field of sport about the challenges that modern societies face, as well as we can get a clear perspective about the future of sports in Europe”, said Hugo Alonso.

The annual Forum is the most important event in the Commission’s dialogue with the European sport family and is organised by the country that holds the presidency of the EU.


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