Tour of Italy: In the middle of an amazing sports journey

We are in the 7th day of the Italian Tour, an initiative of ACES Italia which has the objective to promote the value of sports, through visits to Italian awarded cities and communities of sports in 2019.

So far, our vehicle, Caterham Super Seven has traveled more than 800 km in an huge part of Italy, as well as it has been warmly welcomed by the cities of Oristano, Chianciano Terme and Vallebona. Our today’s station is Vercelli.

During the visits of our ACES representatives and local policy makers at schools, students of communities had the opportunity to participate in our events, to inform themselves and discuss about the benefits of sports and well-being to their lives.

The importance of this initiative has been widely recognised by the Italian communities, with great athletes participating in our tour, namely Mike Maric, Moreno Torricelli, Maurizio Ganz and Claudio Chiappucci. Moreover, supporters of our efforts are companies such as Bosch, Herzt, Randstat and Swarowski Optik.

“Arco del Benessere” the community of sports 2019 includes diverse towns of Italy and has the strategic aim to provide its citizens the opportunity of practicing sports outdoors. “This vision of sport has contributed to the award of Arco del Benessere with the recognition of European community of sport,” said Francesco Luppattelli, President of ACES Europe.

This memorable journey has still 5 days to come to an end. To be updated about it follow us on our pages: Facebook, Twitter.

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