ACES wraps up the groundbreaking “Sports INC” project in Brussels

In a significant development for the sports and leisure industry, ACES Europe has successfully hosted the final session of the transformative “Sports INC” European Project at its headquarters in Brussels. This initiative marks a pivotal moment in fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the sector, particularly focusing on inclusivity for individuals with disabilities or special needs.

The “Sports INC” project stands out for its holistic approach to education and development in the sports industry. Aimed at both existing and aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, and managers, as well as participants from civil society organizations, the program offers an unprecedented opportunity to gain vital knowledge, skills, and competencies. The comprehensive learning program is meticulously designed to guide participants through the entire process of conceptualizing, designing, developing, implementing, and marketing services or products that cater to the unique needs and situations of individuals with disabilities or special needs.

This initiative not only opens avenues for transforming existing businesses but also paves the way for the establishment of new social enterprises, driving forward the ethos of inclusivity and accessibility in sports and leisure activities.

ACES Europe is proud to collaborate with a consortium of esteemed partners on this project, including EOLAS, CP, LD, VAEV, and ERGON. Together, these organizations are setting new benchmarks for excellence and innovation in creating opportunities and removing barriers for people with special needs through sports.

As the “Sports INC” project concludes, the insights and outcomes promise to inspire and shape the future direction of the sports and leisure industry.

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