Sofia EU Sport Forum

The European Capital of Sport 2018, Sofia (Bulgaria), hosted the last EU Sport Forum organized by EU Commission 22-23rd March.

The EU Sport forum has become “the place to be” in European sport. Once a year it is a unique opportunity for sport organisations to meet policy makers and representatives of the EU institutions and of the Member States.

The role of sport in international relations was the core of the discussion, while different sessions and workshops addressed other key questions: What is the impact of the Olympic games on the environment? What is the role of sport in fighting climate change and the Paris agreement? And what about in promoting European values? How can we break the glass ceiling and help promote gender equality in sport?

These was just other issues discussed in Sofia, together with regional development, innovation and concrete sessions on the transfer of players or the consequences of the International Skating Union (ISU) case. As well as, of course, all the latest policy developments, from the EU Work Plan for Sport to the Tartu call for a healthy lifestyle.

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