Presenting American Week of Sport results at EU Sport Forum

In an event that marks a significant step for European sports dialogue and cooperation, ACES had a prominent role at the recent EU Sport Forum held in Liège. This annual gathering, organized by the European Commission, brings together key figures from the sports field across Europe, including representatives from sports organizations, EU institutions, state governments, and other relevant stakeholders.

During the forum, Alessio di Maio, manager of the American Sports Week (SAD) and the European Week of Sport (EWoS), presented the outcomes and advancements of the latest edition of SAD. The presentation emphasized in the 13 countries with 2 million participants and how these events not only promote physical activity but also foster international cooperation and the exchange of best practices between continents.

The EU Sport Forum serves as an essential platform for discussing sports policies, developing networks, and stimulating cooperation in the sports field, goals that align deeply with ACES’s mission to foster sports and its values across borders and cultures.

ACES’s participation in this event not only reaffirms our commitment to sports as a means for social development and inclusion but also strengthens our position as a leader in promoting healthy and effective sports policies on the international stage.

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