ACES Europe visits Čakovec, candidate for the “City of Sport 2020” award

Press Release

ACES Europe will visit Čakovec (Croatia) this week, following the city’s expression of interest to be among the 2020 European Cities of Sports.

Notably, on March 14 and 15, the Evaluation Committee of ACES Europe, once received Čakovec’s bid file and having confirmed its candidature, will visit the town’s sport facilities. On that occasion, ACES will be informed about Čakovec’s activities and projects, getting a deep insight into the city’s sport policy.

With a long tradition in sports, the city of Čakovec has established 75 associations in over 30 different sports, while almost 50% of its population do sports. Achieving inclusion through sports is a strategic priority for the local authority and in for this reason, a lot has been invested in accessibility for the elderly, as well as for persons with disabilities.

According to Bojan Ružić, President of the Federation of Sports Associations of Čakovec, the municipality has succeeded in bringing people to sports since their young age. Moreover, the town implemented 13 sports projects last year, aiming at encouraging citizens to do sports and recreation.

“Nowadays, there is hardly a sport you cannot do in Čakovec or its surroundings. The most important thing is that gymnasiums and outdoor pitches are constantly in use”, said Stjepan Kovač the Mayor of the municipality.

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