Partnership agreement between ACES and UCLG

In a significant development for the world of sports and local governance, ACES is proud to announce a new partnership with United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). The agreement, officially signed on February 19th in Barcelona, marks a milestone in collaborative efforts to promote sports as a means for social inclusion and community development globally.

The signing ceremony saw ACES President, Gian F. Lupattelli, join forces with UCLG President, Ugur Ibrahim Altay (Mayor of Konya), and Secretary-General, Emilia Saiz, solidifying a commitment to leverage sports for the betterment of communities around the world. This partnership underscores both organizations’ dedication to fostering healthy, active lifestyles and ensuring that sports policies reach their full potential in creating inclusive, vibrant communities.

Under this groundbreaking agreement, ACES will lend its expertise in sports policies to UCLG’s extensive network of municipalities. The collaboration aims to encourage the adoption of exemplary sports policies and to identify future opportunities for cities and local governments to shine on the global stage. ACES’s experience in promoting sport for all and its commitment to ethical, sustainable sports practices will be instrumental in guiding UCLG members towards implementing innovative and effective sports initiatives.

Gian F. Lupattelli, President of ACES, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “This partnership with UCLG represents a fantastic opportunity to amplify the impact of sports in communities worldwide. By sharing our knowledge and resources, we can help local governments harness the power of sports to foster unity, health, and well-being among their citizens.”

The collaboration between ACES and UCLG is poised to set a new standard for how sports can serve as a catalyst for positive change, bringing together communities, and promoting peace and understanding across borders. This partnership reaffirms both organizations’ commitment to making sports a cornerstone of community development and international cooperation.

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