Marseille, Olimpyc Capital

The current European Capital of Sport, Marseille, supported today Paris 2024 in the European Parliament in Brussels with the president of ACES Europe, Gian Francesco.Lupattelli; the Minister of Sport in France, Laura Flessel; and the two chairman of EU Intergroup of Sport, the MEPs Santiago Fisas (Spain) and Marc Tarabella (Belgium).

The picture was taken after the Integroup meeting in where the French Government presented the Olympic Bid of Paris 2024 which was officially supported by the Parliament as the only European candidacy against the American in Los Angeles.

In the case of Marseille, the European Capital of Sport 2017, will host the sailing events during the Games if finally Paris will be selected.

‘It was a honor for ACES Europe and me personally support this bid which represents Europe and all the sport family in the Continent’ said Mr. Lupattelli.

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