Presented UNESCO’s policy guide during World Sports Meeting in Konya (Türkiye)

André de Jeu, board member of ACES, delivered an inspiring speech at the IV World Sport Meeting “Sport for All” in Konya, Türkiye about the important role of cities and the necessity  for different levels of government to work together for health and sports for all. At the end of his presentation he handed over the compendium of  city-led good practices on sport and physical education initiatives that foster inclusion, integration and non-discrimination among urban citizens: “Creating inclusive cities through sport” to Linda Tinio from UNESCO.

The event brought together leaders and policymakers from the world of sports and local governments to discuss the integration of sports and physical activity into policy agendas, with a focus on health, inclusivity, and sustainability and the importance of data base policy making.

In his speech, De Jeu emphasized the importance of collaboration between different levels of government, with special attention to the crucial role that local governments play in promoting health and physical activity in their communities. He also praised the collaboration between ACES Worldwide, the Association of Sports and Municipalities, and UNESCO in the publication of “Inclusive Cities through Sport,” which will serve as a policy guide for national and local governments worldwide.

De Jeu concluded his speech with a call for continued collaboration, highlighting the importance of inclusive, sustainable, healthy, and active societies at the local level.

The IV World Sport Meeting “Sport for All” in Konya, Türkiye, was a significant event for leaders and policymakers committed to promoting health, inclusivity, and sustainability through sports and physical activity.

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