Gondomar 2017

The multi-purpose stadium in Gondomar was full at the opening ceremony as European City of Sport 2017. For more than two hours, the public enjoyed a show of light and color very applauded and praised.
The show, inspired in the four elements of nature: earth, air, water and fire, highlighted the wealth of the city, its people and permanently established a parallel with some of the sports practiced in Porto.
Marco Martins, mayor, said that the concession of ECS Gondomar was achieved “because we had the ambition and because we deserve it”, and a “new challenge: the fight to be the Best European City of Sport 2017” was established.
The opening ceremony was also attended by the President of ACES Europe, Gian Francesco Lupattelli, and the Secretary of State for Youth and Sport in Portugal, Joao Paulo Rebelo.

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