End for the “Grand Motor Trail” that traveled 1600 km all around Italy

The first edition of “Grand Motor Trail 2019” ended on April 13th, a trip of 1600 km all around Italy that lasted for almost 2 weeks.

The initiative, in collaboration with the “Training for the Future” project was carried out by Bosch and Randstad Italia with the participation of 8 awarded cities, municipalities and sports communities of sport 2019.

Starting from Oristano of Sardinia and ending up to Lombardy’s Livigno, the famous vintage Caterham Super Seven accompanied by 2 vehicles traveled a long distance, with the purpose of raising awareness about the value of sports: passion, commitment, responsibility and above all mental training for overcome the challenges of life.

In this wonderful journey participated torchbearers, world-caliber athletes, namely Rachele Sangiuliano, the volleyball champion and gold medal, Marco Confortola, who climbed 8000 meters on Everest, Mara Santangelo, winner of Roland Garros, Daniela Masseroni, gymnastics olympic athlete, Claudio Chiappucci, road cycling champion, Gian Maria Gabbiani, speed pilot, and the freediving world champion Mike Maric. The athletes were entrusted with the task of launching initiatives in the cities and meeting with school groups and the public in the main squares.

4 April: The great protagonist of the event, the “Tedofora” car, moved to Chianciano Terme, where it was announced that 5 local students would be able to accomplish a 2 weeks internship, for the School year 2019/2020 in Milan.

The journey continued towards “Arco del Benessere” (Liguria, Piedmont, Vercelli) and in the following days the torch passed from the towns Mantua, Sesto Calende, Omegna and finally Livigno. The “Grand Motor Trail” was warmly accepted from locals, as well as in all the cities the interest for participating into the meetings with athletes was extremely high.

“It was the first edition of the Grand Motor Trail that had the objective to symbolically unite the 8 cities that were awarded this year, giving strength to the network’s ability to generate proper social policies and sharing projects aimed at common goals” said Vincenzo Lupattelli, President of ACES Italia.

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