ACES will attend MINEPS VII

MINEPS VII will be a global conference organized by UNESCO engaging governments, athletes, private sector, and other stakeholders to increase investment in sport, improve sport practices, foster quality physical education, and magnify the positive impact of sport on health, society and the economy.

Gian F. Lupattelli (Presidente ACES), Hugo Alonso (G.S.) and Andre de Jeu (Board Member) will represent ACES at MINEPS as official partner of UNESCO.

The conference will be a landmark occasion for sport ministers and other stakeholders to define the future of the sport-for-development ecosystem, culminating with the launch of the Fit for Life Alliance. 

For the first time, the Conference will be preceded by a Multistakeholder Forum (26-27 June) gathering high-level representatives from the private sector, development banks, athletes, and mayors to engage in a collective discussion on the importance of measuring the impact of sport to foster participation, attract investments and improve individual and societal wellbeing.

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