ACES Europe is a non-profit association based in Brussels which assigns every year the recognitions of European Capital, City, Community and Town of Sport. The allocation of these recognitions are  done by ACES Europe, according to the principles of responsibility and ethics, being aware that sport is a factor of aggregation of the society, improvement in the quality of life, psycho-physical well-being and complete integration within social classes in the community. ACES Europe awards the European Capital of Sport title, an initiative that has received the recognition of the European Commission in the White Paper (Art. 50). In addition, ACES Europe is an offcial partner of the European Commission in the European Week of Sport. Both facts suppose the recognition of the work and activity of ACES Europe.


EUROPEAN CAPITAL OF SPORT, 1 award per year to a capital of a country or city with more than 500,000 inhabitants.

EUROPEAN CITY OF SPORT, multi awards throughout Europe per year to a city between 25,000 and 500,000 inhabitants.

EUROPEAN COMMUNITY OF SPORT, a group of small cities, multi awards throughout Europe

EUROPEAN TOWN OF SPORT, multi awards throughout EUROPE per year to a city of less than 25,000 inhabitants.

THE EUROPEAN CITY/TOWN OF SPORT OF THE YEAR, the cities and towns compete during the year for becoming in the best city preparing a summary file of activities which will be evaluated by independent body.

World Capital of Sport

Same format as the European Capital of Sport but outside Europe with the support of the main international organizations.

After the success in Europe we export the format to all around the world looking for the best sport policies and practices. Presenting the opportunity for communities to unite throughout the world under the same flag of sport and health for all.