Teleturf results will be presented at EU Parliament

On December 4, the TELETURF project will be officially presented in the European Parliament, on the occasion of the celebration of the European Capitals and Cities of Sport Gala organized by ACES Europe, one of the entities that is part of the consortium of our project.

After more than three years of work since the first draft of the project, all the effort made is materialized in the achievement of the main result pursued: to improve the quality and safety of the artificial turf sports fields, as well as to extend the useful life thereof. All this is intended to be achieved by improving maintenance, and for this the consortium has focused its efforts on the creation of an online course, available in four languages ​​(Spanish, English, French and Dutch) and which, surely, does not It will only achieve the main objectives but it will provide collateral benefits such as the reduction of polluting emissions, energy savings and the enrichment and professional development of workers in the artificial turf maintenance sector.

During the last months, the work has focused on the generation of the contents that will be part of the course. These contents have been tested through the creation of a pilot course, with the participation of students from all over Europe who have contributed in a fundamental way, providing the necessary feedback to reach the quality levels required in the project.

With the satisfaction of having fulfilled the planned objectives, it is time to start the TELETURF project during two days that will take place in Brussels, on the 4th and 5th of December, with an agenda full of events that will put the finishing touch to this adventure that began in April 2016.

On Tuesday, December 4, at the European Capitals and Cities of Sports Gala, ACES Europe awards ceremony, to be held in the European Parliament, the official presentation of the TELETURF project will be made by the research technician Mr. Sergio Puigcerver Palau and the General Director of the consortium, Mr. Enrique Orts López. Likewise, the television of the Parliament will carry out an interview to this last one, in the capacity of maximum responsible of the project, in which the obtained results will be evaluated and the foreseen steps for the operation of the same in the future.

On the other hand, on December 5, the EHadquarters of ACE Europe, located 14b Rue de la Science (Room Franckfurt), in Brussels, a technical conference will take place in which the results of the project will be shown to a varied audience formed by managers of sports facilities (both public and private), manufacturers of artificial turf and international organizations linked to the project. It will be an expert forum in which ideas of the current situation of the sector will be exchanged and the opportunities and improvements in this area that the TELETURF project can provide will be assessed.

On the same day, once this technical meeting is over, the consortium will hold a working meeting to discuss the information gathered during the event, plan future exploitation and coordinate all the administrative tasks necessary to close the project with the European Union. .

In short, we expect all these acts to be a point and a period in the life cycle of the project, since TELETURF will become a useful and innovative tool that will undoubtedly provide the valuable benefits mentioned above.

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