Teleturf at Marseille

At the beginning of last December, the city of Marseille, which still held the European Capital of Sports title in 2017, organized an event framed within the European project TELETURF.

This event was attended by representatives of numerous European public and private entities that are related to sports in general and artificial turf, maintenance and training in particular. The profile of these entities and organizations was quite heterogeneous and complementary, being present public and private managers, manufacturers, maintenance companies, specialized laboratories and training entities.

During the event, the TELETURF project and the work carried out till the date were explained, with the aim of obtaining an external validation of the project through the opinions of those who were attending this important technical forum.

On the other hand, different topics were discussed among all attendees that were related to the maintenance of artificial turf fields. We can highlight some of them like the control and periodic evaluation of their properties, the influence of their design, how they affect the geographical and climatic differences, or the affection of the use and utilization in the sports surface. Particular problems were also brought together and possible solutions were discussed.

Finally, participants of the event made a field visit to a sports facility in order to observe different maintenance tasks by specialized machinery and comment it on-site.
All the information and knowledge generated had great quality and it is currently being analyzed to be taken into account by TELETURF technical team for continuing advancing in the generation of the project content.

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