OAS, American Week of Sport and León

On April 26th, the Organization of American States (OAS) had the honor of welcoming Adriana Sánchez, former Minister of Sports of Puerto Rico and current institutional representative of the American Sports Week (SAD).

During her visit to the OAS headquarters, Sánchez, representing ACES America, presented a detailed report on the achievements and developments of SAD 2023, as well as the strategies and work proposals for 2024.

The American Sports Week, which had its first edition last September, is an initiative aimed at promoting physical activity and sports as tools for social and economic development in the Americas. SAD has managed to capture the attention and commitment of various cities on the continent, fostering regional cooperation in the sports field.

In a significant act, the OAS also awarded a special recognition to the city of León, American Capital of Sport 2023. In addition, public recognition was given for the official launch of SAD and for the creation of the D+D Cities Network, a collaboration with UNESCO aimed at strengthening sports and development policies in cities across the region.

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