Last seats for maintenance course about artificial fields

It is a unique opportunity to enlarge the life of your fields in the city, a very good best practices and with a extraordinary content.

What excatly it is:

A consortium of seven European entities are working within the framework of the European project TELETURF to offer a course that complements the current training context of maintenance technicians of artificial grass sports facilities.

The main objective of TELETURF is to create and validate a training offer, focused on the maintenance management of artificial grass sports facilities to improve the knowledge and skills of professionals in the sector in different European countries. The knowledge acquired after the completion of this course will improve the conditions of safety and quality in the fields of artificial grass as well as provide mechanisms to increase its useful life, all this through the improvement of its maintenance.

The course has already been developed and is available to be validated before its future commercialization. We invite you to participate in the pilot course that we are organizing and that has a limited availability. Your participation does not imply any type of associated cost for you, and you can benefit from this training by improving your knowledge and skills in this area. At the end of the course, you will obtain a certificate of achievement.

The course is entitled “Maintenance Management of artificial turf sport facilities”, and consists of six modules with the following areas:

  • Introduction and construction components of the artificial turf
  • Biomechanical aspects of artificial turf
  • Evaluation of the technical function of an artificial turf field
  • Evaluation of the sport function of an artificial turf field
  • Regulations
  • Maintenance of artificial turf fields

The online course will have a total duration of 50 teaching hours in English, which can be devoted progressively during a period of two and a half months. The course will start on July 9th and end on September 14th, 2018. If you are interested in participating in this pilot course, please register through  before July 6th. Please, be aware that this training has limited availability:


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