HealthyLifestyle4All from Bled

Last 23rd September General Secretary of ACES Europe, Hugo Alonso, was in Bled (Slovenia) on behalf of the association for the launch of the European Week of Sport 2021 and for the HealthyLifestyle4All initiative presneted by EU Commissioner Mariya Gabriel.

As a follow-up to the Tartu Call for a Healthy Lifestyle, the HealthyLifestyle4All is the European Commission’s two-year campaign that aims to link sport and active lifestyles with health, food and other policies.

It showcases the European Commission’s commitment to promoting healthy lifestyles for all, across generations and social groups, noting that everyone can benefit from activities that improve health and well-being.

To promote a broad outreach, uptake and ownership of healthy lifestyles across society, the European Commission wishes to involve sport movements at national, European and international level; state authorities (ministries), cities & regions (local governments) and civil society organisations of the EU Member States, the Erasmus+ programme countries, the Eastern Partnership and Western Balkans countries.

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