#CumbreDelDeporte2020: ACES closer to America

The countries of America work strong for the promotion of sport during the CADE General Assembly 2020 held in Salinas, Ecuador on February 19.

With the presence of ACES America representative, Carlos Arango, ministers from more than 30 countries attended the high-level conference and agreed on the implementation of projects related to the development of sports, recreation, physical education and infrastructure.

Through the “Déclaration de Salinas 2020”, the role of ACES increases significantly in the countries of the region, provided that the award of the American Capital of Sport will bring more incentives for the development of public sport policy in the countries of America.

“Our proposal is to establish an annual American Capital of Sport award for the promotion of sport as an instrument for social transformation”, said Carlos Arango, as well as he added that there was a positive feedback for the future collaboration between ACES and the authorities of countries in America.



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