Checking The Hague

President (Gian Francesco Lupattelli) and General Secretary (Hugo Alonso) of ACES Europe were visiting The Hague last Monday with the National Delegate (Andre de Jeu) to check how the programme as European Capital of Sport 2022 is working.

The Dutch city will start the calendar of activities next 4th of March with tennis Davis Cup, The Netherlands against Canada. A full agenda of events have been planned with 2 interesting points during the year: the Sport Congress 24th of September and the programme ‘Go Go The Hague’ to get more involved population into sport and physical activity.

The Hague will receive the flag as European Capital of Sport next 21st March in Torino (Annual Awards Gala) from Lisbon, last EU Capital during 2021.

‘The city has designed a complete programme with events and activities for whole population. We hope The Hague will develop and extraordinary year’ declared Mr. Lupattelli, President and Founder.

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