#BeActiveAtHome initiative from EC

Following similar initiatives like www.coronactive.eu by ACES Europe with other partners (#coronactive), the European Commission started the campaign #BeActiveAtHome.

As teleworking and self-isolation become common aspects of our working and personal lives, access to communal exercise facilities – as well as that brisk walk to the office – are not available. It is therefore crucial that we find ways to raise our heart rate, stay flexible and keep our overall physical activity levels high.

To help Europeans exercise and remain physically active even under these unprecedented circumstances, the European Commission is launching a campaign to #BeActiveAtHome. Let’s support each other, propose new exercise ideas, and remain active!

What is #BeActive and how can it help?

The #BeActive hashtag is a symbol of a campaign that has grown significantly since its beginning in 2015, and which now brings even louder its message of increasing engagement in physical activity to millions of people across the world.

Thanks to the #BeActive community, using social media as a way to boost activity! By posting with the hashtag #BeActiveAtHome and mentioning, @EUSport on Twitter and @european_youth_eu and @corona_active on Instagram, you can show what you are doing to stay fit.

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