ACES joins forces in the EUAPPTIVE Project

ACES Europe proudly announces its participation in the #EUAPPTIVE project, an ambitious initiative led by The Sport Innovation Hub. This project, which has recently commenced in Gijón, Spain, is a collaborative effort involving key partners such as the University of Odense, European Network for Innovation and Knowledge, and the municipalities of Candás and Vila Nova de Poiares.

The #EUAPPTIVE project is set to revolutionize the way senior populations engage with physical activity and digital technologies at the municipal level. This initiative aligns with ACES Europe’s commitment to enhancing the quality of life through sports and education, particularly focusing on the older generation.

By joining hands with prominent organizations like The Sport Innovation Hub, and other esteemed partners, ACES Europe aims to create a comprehensive platform where seniors can not only boost their physical health but also adapt seamlessly to the digital era. This collaboration underscores the importance of a united approach in addressing the needs of the aging population.

The University of Odense and the European Network for Innovation and Knowledge bring their expertise in research and innovation, ensuring that the project is grounded in cutting-edge methodologies. Meanwhile, the municipalities of Candás and Vila Nova de Poiares play a crucial role in local implementation and community engagement, proving that local government entities are key in driving positive change at the grassroots level.

#EUAPPTIVE stands as a beacon of progress in ACES Europe’s mission to foster inclusive, healthy communities across all age groups. This project not only empowers the senior population but also sets a precedent for future initiatives aimed at integrating sports and technology for societal benefit.

Together with The Sport Innovation Hub and our partners, ACES Europe is excited to embark on this journey, bringing a new wave of health and digital literacy to the senior population.

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