ACES, founding partner of Cities D+D Network

ACES has recently become a founding partner of the new network of Latin American cities for Sports and Development, Ciudades D + D, which was established on July 7 in León (Mexico), American Capital of Sport 2023.

This network is born from the commitment of all cities to put sport at the center of local policies and promote excellence in physical activity with indicators, capacity building and good practices.

UNESCO has been the catalyst of this network where 16 cities have participated in this first meeting, coming from nine different countries of the continent where there are locations such as Montevideo, Santiago de Chile, São Paulo, Bogotá or San José, to name a few.

Once again, ACES is positioned as a promoter of quality sports policies and this network gives continuity to the one already created together with Eurocities recently in Europe through the European Capitals of Sport.

The next meeting of Cities D + D Network will be in 2024 in Santiago de Cali, American Capital of Sport 2019.

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