ACES Europe visited Kavarna and Pazardzhik – candidate cities for 2020

On May 22-24, the Evaluation Committee of ACES Europe, composed of Vincenzo Lupattelli and Marijana Butkovic, visited Pazardzhik and Kavarna (Bulgaria), candidates municipalities for the awards of European City and Town of Sport 2020.

During their stay in Bulgaria, the representatives of the delegation visited the sport facilities of the two cities, as well as they attended the press conference and their presentations.

More concretely, the committee visited Pazardzhik’s swimming pool, sports school, football pitch, tennis court and the Park Island Freedom, a place for leisure for all residents and guests of the city.

In Kavarna, ACES Europe visited the town’s sport complex, the street gym of Bulgarevo village, the karate training center and in the end of its tour it visited the Thracian Cliffs golf course.

The evaluation of the municipalities’ candidatures will be based on the quality of their facilities, accessibility of local citizens to sports infrastructure, the projects the local authorities have implemented and the competence of local authorities in implementing their sports’ policy.

Although the final decision will be made in June, Vincenzo Lupattelli, President of ACES Italia gave a positive feedback, saying that both cities have important possibilities to win the European awards of sports.

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