ACES Europe at CONI

The meeting of the ACES Italy 2010-2012 Committee, chaired by Prof. Gian Francesco Lupattelli, a member of the CONI National Council, was held on Monday 7 September in the CONI Hall of Commons, beginning at 11 am. The meeting was preceded by the greeting of the President of CONI, Giovanni Petrucci, of State Secretary for Foreign Affairs Stefania Craxi, Honorable Aces President, Mario Mauro and the Secretary General of the European Olympic Committees, Raffaele Pagnozzi. LAces Since its foundation in 1999, the European Sports Capital Association has been promoting the Universal Olympic Values ​​at the municipal level and has among its institutional tasks to allocate annual titles to “European Capital of Sport” and “European Sports City” “. The Aces Italia 2010 Commission, at its first meeting, will work on the Italian applications of the cities of Parma, Treviso and Trieste under the title “European City of Sport” for 2011 and will start the submission of applications for 2012 with the first admission Of the City of Pescara. The Commission is made up of experts from the sporting, political, local authorities and the media, and will engage with the various participating institutions under a joint project. They will be represented by the various candidate cities: the Sports Officer of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region and the Coordinator of the Provincial Sports Councils of Elio Deanna, the Municipal Councilor Lorenzo Giorgi and the Gaetano Strazzullo Sports Area Manager of the City of Trieste, the Vice President Emilia-Romagna Regional Council Luigi Giuseppe Villani and Roberto Ghiretti Sports Sports Manager of the City of Parma, Sports Dean Andrea De Checchi and Pdl Giuseppe Mauro, the leader of the City of Treviso. The City of Pescara will be represented by Mayor Luigi Albore Mascia and Nicola Ricotta Sports Counselor.

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