ACES address UNESCO International NGO Forum

ACES took the stage at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris during the 15th International Forum of NGOs 24-25 January, themed “Transforming Mentalities”. André de Jeu, Director of the Association of Sports and Municipalities and ACES board member, participated in the event aimed to showcase global initiatives combating discrimination and inequality within societies, aligning with UNESCO’s Transforming MEN’talities initiative.

The program covered diverse approaches, including gender equality, sports, disability, early-years education, and human rights. ACES spotlighted for its collaborative effort with UNESCO on the paper “Inclusive cities through sport.” André de Jeu emphasized the crucial role of healthy, sustainable, and inclusive cities achieved through sports and physical activities.

Gabriela Ramos, Assistant Director-General, Social and Human Sciences Sector, UNESCO, highlighted the significance of collaboration among international, national, and local governments, emphasizing grassroots partnerships with civil society and social entrepreneurs.

The program featured sessions with presenters from various countries, sharing their impactful work and experiences. A significant part of the event focused on youth engagement, a member state panel, and practical approaches to internal change. The second day included discussions on women’s empowerment, action-based programs, and a reflection on transformative action by Professor Keith McGee, Senior Fellow in Culture and Justice at University College London and Chair of The Guardian Foundation’s.

André de Jeu on behalf of ACES encouraged NGOs worldwide to participate actively, fostering a collaborative environment to address global challenges and promote positive social change also through sports and physical activity in close collaboration with cities.

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