A 20 years success story of physical activity in Europe


A new year has started, expected to bring an abundance of sport activities all around Europe. Led by Malaga, the European Capital of Sport 2020, more than 30 awarded cities, towns and communities will be hosting indoor and outdoor sport events available for every citizen this year.

It has been a 20 years success story for ACES Europe which has been awarding cities that excel in sports, promoting respect, human dignity, equality and inclusion. In fact, these are the fundamental European values which have been promoted at local level through sports and physical activity.

ACES Europe reiterates its commitment to the promotion of those values, maintaining its close relation with its network of awarded cities, supporting and encouraging them to keep up doing their activities. So far, 4 European Capitals of Sport have been recognised for the next 4 years (Lisbon 2021, The Hague 2022, Glasgow 2023, Genoa 2024), while new cities and towns have already applied their candidature for 2021.

The willingness of local authorities to apply for the recognition demonstrates the considerable value of sports for citizens and motivates us even more to continue our work, driven by the phrase: “More people, more active, more often”.




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