Cities of Sport in Brazil

On 24 August 2016 ACES Europe took part in the jury of the first ‘Cities of Sport’ award given to Brazilian cities by not-for-profit organisations Atletas pelo Brasil and ‘Cidades Sustentáveis’ (‘Sustainable Cities’).
Atletas pelo Brasil was set up by professional athletes, including current and former Olympic champions, to represent the interests of the sport sector for the benefit of grassroots sport and the general public. The award – ‘Cidades do Esporte’ in Portuguese – was co-organised by Atletas pelo Brasil and ‘Cidades Sustentáveis’ and is the latest of 8 awards under the initiative of ‘Cidades Sustentáveis’. ‘Cidades Sustentáveis’ is a programme created in 2010 by a network of civil society organisations (CSOs) in Brazil to help improve public policy and citizens’ quality of life and well-being across cities in Brazil.
ACES Europe was one of the 3 organizations who contributed to the final assessment of bids for the award ‘Cities of Sport’, along with representatives of the local not-for-profit association ‘Rede Esporte pela Mudança Social’ (REMS – in English: ‘Network of Sport for Social Change’) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).
ACES Europe is proud to support and inspire this initiative, as another initiative of its kind in the world. The award is the first award of its kind in Brazil and Latin America and aims to promote public policy and recognize actions, projects, and innovative and successful best practices in the field of sport in Brazilian cities.
The initiative comes at an interesting time for Brazilians, just days after the end of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games concluded last Sunday (21 August) and amid an ongoing debate on the impact of the recent mega sporting events. In addition to promoting access to sport for all in the candidate cities, the award gives all cities in Brazil the chance to cooperate with cities participating in the programme ‘Cidades do Esporte’, developed by Atletas pelo Brasil in 2014 to help strengthen public policies and improvements in access to sport and physical activity in the 12 cities that hosted the 2014 World Cup.
Through the award, ACES Europe has been able to contribute to the exchange of best practice in sport at international level and has already received interest from Brazilian cities to bid for ACES Europe’s global award: the World Capital of Sport.
For more information about the award ‘Cities of Sport’ (website in Portuguese): click here

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