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ACES Europe visited Kavarna and Pazardzhik – candidate cities for 2020

On May 22-24, the Evaluation Committee of ACES Europe, composed of Vincenzo Lupattelli and Marijana Butkovic, visited Pazardzhik and Kavarna…

Compete in the European swim city 2019

On June 22 2019, a huge swimming competition will take place in Pesaro, the Swim City 2019. The event taking…

June 22-23 Pesaro, the Swim City 2019 will host competitions

“Swim City” is the swimming championship bringing together winning “capitals, cities and towns of sports”, awarded by ACES Europe, and…

Reception by the Minister

Europe delegation leaded by its president Mr. Lupattelli were received by the Spanish Sports Minister, Mr. J.R. Lete. In this…