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EWoS 2017, ready!!! TELETURF website Lisbon and The Hague finalists Marseille decided Le Tour Lisbon Bid File The Hague's bid file Marseille, olympic capital Applications open for 2022 Prime Minister with Lisbon 2021 Teleturf, European project Reception by the Minister EHCA, healthy companies EU Sport Forum 2017 Integration through sport European Swim City Gondomar 2017 Spectacular opening in Marseille Marseille crowned as Capital Toulouse joins the fight Marseille presents its agenda ACES Europe Gala'16 The Hague candidate 2021 Opening of the EWoS Olympic medalists with Prague 2016 Cities of Sport in Brazil European Resort of Sport Network of 300 cities ACES Europe and Veneto Banska Bystrica replaces Kosice Kosice launches the EWoS’16 Ostend, European City Sport'17 Board Meeting in Coín Lisbon candidate Capital 2021 INSPORT+ kicks off in Italy EU Sport Forum ACES Europe prepares for INSPORT+ Opening ceremony in Ruse Stoke celebrates its year Opening ceremony in Setubal Ceremony in CONI Gijon receives the flag at Bernabeu Opening ceremony in Kosice Prague starts 2016 ACES Europe Gala 2015 Godomar, ECS 2017 Prague with the flag 2016 Budapest, Capital 2019 First European Sports Fair Visit to Malaga EWoS congress inTorino European Week of Sport EWoS (7-13 Sept.) Turin congress Navracsics receives ACES Europe Trophy of Loulé 2015 Intergroup of Sport, a reality Photo-video competition EWoS Kosice, European City of Sport Platini's recognition Logroño, 45M € of impact ACES Europe and the EWoS' toolbox Four candidates as Capital 2019 Getxo, sport quality certification EWoS from Las Rozas Postal Stamp Torino 2015 Loulé, Festival of Sport Malaga, capital candidate 2019 First partner EWoS ACES Europe in Spanish Tour CONI, Capital of Sport Torino replaces Cardiff Capitals 2016, 2017 and 2018 New logo of ACES Europe Bid File of Marseille Comi checks italian cities Support from Brussels Sofia delivers Bid File Visit to Palermo Agreement with FESI Meeting with Italian Minister Charleroi and SportWeCan Quality certification Evaluation of Prague XXX Anniversary of MSP Memorandum of Prague ‘Sport We Can’ in Scotland 'Sport We Can' in Ostrava Candidature of Sofia 2017 Maia big style ACES EU at Erasmus+ VIP launch of Sligo 2014 Cardiff celebrates 2014 Agreement with FAGDE Annual Awards Gala Marseille presents itself in society Cardiff, Capital 2014 CONI, Capital of Sport Sofia values its candidacy Plovdiv, first Bulgarian city Agreement with FIDE Marseille and 'Sport We Can' New recognition Fernades, Honorary President Prague, candidate for 2016 Elite Sport conference Workshop & Congress Guimaraes Palermo, candidate for Capital 2016 1st. 'macro-region' sports Promotion Agreement with La Rioja New European Project 2014 Maia, European City of Sport 2014 Visiting European Cities of Sport Cremona workshop Ostrava, ECO 2014 Congress at Guimaraes Agreement with Emilia-Romagna Evaluation Commission Italy
EWoS 2017, ready!!! 05-09-17.- EU Commission, partners and national coordinator bodies are ready for TELETURF website 29-08-17.- The new project in where ACES Europe is involved with any other Europ Lisbon and The Hague finalists 15-08-17.- ACES Europe has decided about the next finalists for the European Cap Marseille decided Le Tour 24-07-17.- The European Capital of Sport 2017, Marseille, has decided Le Tour de Lisbon Bid File 04-07-17.- The candidate as European Capital of Sport 2021 has presented in Port The Hague's bid file 20-02-17.- The city of The Hague (Netherlands) has presented the Bid File of the Marseille, olympic capital 06-06-17- The current European Capital of Sport, Marseille, supported today Pari Applications open for 2022 10-05-17.- ACES Europe informs that the candidatures for the European Capital of Prime Minister with Lisbon 2021 05-05-17.- The president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo, recently supported the can Teleturf, European project 18-04-17.- ACES Europe has started a new European project with other partners le Reception by the Minister 05-04-17.- ACES Europe delegation leaded by its president Mr. Lupattelli were re EHCA, healthy companies 30-03-17.- ACES Europe and DCH - International Organization of Human Capital Dir EU Sport Forum 2017 16-03-17.- DG Education, Youth, Sport and Culture of the European Commission org Integration through sport 14-03-17.- ACES Europe has witnessed the recent signing of the collaboration agr European Swim City 08-02-17.- The swimming championship of European Sport Capitals, Cities, Towns, Gondomar 2017 27-01-17.-The multi-purpose stadium in Gondomar was full at the opening ceremony Spectacular opening in Marseille 18-01-17.- On 14 January, Marseille became a focus of attention with Reb Bull's Marseille crowned as Capital 18-11-16.- President Lupattelli and Commissioner Navracsics delivered last Novem Toulouse joins the fight 04-01-17.- The French city of Toulouse joins the fight for being European Capita Marseille presents its agenda 14-12-16.- Marseille has presented on 12 December in the Orange Velodrome stadiu ACES Europe Gala'16 1-11-16.- On 16 November at 17.30h in the Room 2Q2 of the European Parliament wi The Hague candidate 2021 14-08-16.- The Hague has presented its candidacy last August 10th as European Ca Opening of the EWoS 15-09-16.- ACES Europe leaded by the President, Gian F. Lupattelli, was in Kosic Olympic medalists with Prague 2016 04-10-16.- Czech olympic medalist in Rio 2016 supported Prague as European Capit Cities of Sport in Brazil 02-09-16.- On 24 August 2016 ACES Europe took part in the jury of the first 'Cit European Resort of Sport 25-08-16.- ACES Europe on its intention of developing more and better active pop Network of 300 cities 15-07-16- The Federation of European Capitals and Cities of Sport (ACES Europe) ACES Europe and Veneto 11-07-16.- ACES Europe and the Veneto Region have renewed the agreement of colla Banska Bystrica replaces Kosice 28-06-16.- Slovakia maintains its high level asEuropean City of Sport with Bansk Kosice launches the EWoS’16 14-06-16.- Kosice, European City of Sport 2016 in Slovakia will be the place whe Ostend, European City Sport'17 09-06-16.- The Belgian city of Ostend has recently been declared European City o Board Meeting in Coín 18-05-16.- ACES Europe held on May 4 in Coin (Malaga) the last Board Meeting wit Lisbon candidate Capital 2021 20-04-16.- Lisbon has officially presented its candidacy for European Capital of INSPORT+ kicks off in Italy 15-04-16.- Led by the Municipality of Prato and local association Polisportiva A EU Sport Forum 17-03-16.- ACES Europe leaded by its president Gian F. Lupattelli was in the EU ACES Europe prepares for INSPORT+ 29-02-16.- ACES Europe and 8 other partners are currently preparing the launch o Opening ceremony in Ruse 23-02-16.- The municipality of Ruse (Bulgaria), European City of Sport 2016, hel Stoke celebrates its year 09-02-16.- Thousands of people descended on Northwood Stadium tonight (Sat, Jan Opening ceremony in Setubal 02-02-16.- Setubal takes over with force of Loulé as European City of Sport 201 Ceremony in CONI 10-11-15.- On Friday November 6 took place in the honor room of the Italian Olym Gijon receives the flag at Bernabeu 26-01-16.- Gijon, European City of Sport 2016, which had failed to receive the f Opening ceremony in Kosice 19-1-16.- The Slovak town of Kosice has started early its year as European City Prague starts 2016 08-01-16.- Prague in the Czech Republic has started the 2016 European Capital of ACES Europe Gala 2015 14-11-15.- On 18 November at 16.30 in the Room P3C050 of the European Parliament Godomar, ECS 2017 09-12-15.- Gondomar has been declared Portugal as European City of Sport 2017 af Prague with the flag 2016 24-11-15.- On Wednesday November 18 took place in the room P3C050 of the Europea Budapest, Capital 2019 29-10-15.- Finally, the city of Budapest (Hungary) became the European Capital o First European Sports Fair 21-10-15.- The Association of European Capitals and Cities of Sport, ACES EUROPE Visit to Malaga 05-10-15.- The Evaluation Committee of ACES Europe visited from 1 to 4 October t EWoS congress inTorino 22-09-15.- The European Capital of Sport 2015, Torino (Italy), held on 10 and 11 European Week of Sport Brussels June 11th was the scene of the last meeting of the European Week of Spo EWoS (7-13 Sept.) 07-09-15.- The European Week of Sport (from 7 to 13 september) aims to promote s Turin congress 02-09-2015.- Among the many activities organized by Turin as European Capital of Navracsics receives ACES Europe 16-05-15.- The European Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, T Trophy of Loulé 2015 12-08-15.- On August 9 the president of ACES Portugal, Nuno Santos, presented th Intergroup of Sport, a reality 14-07-15.- Last June 30th met for the first time officially the Intergroup of Sp Photo-video competition EWoS 16-06-15.- Last June 15th has been launched a photo-video competition to promote Kosice, European City of Sport 08-06-15.- The Slovak town of Kosice was recently awarded with the prize of Euro Platini's recognition 26-05-15.- On May 22 President of ACES Europe, Gian F. Lupattelli, handed to Mic Logroño, 45M € of impact 22-05-15.- Logroño European City of Sport 2014 has generated an economic impact ACES Europe and the EWoS' toolbox 16-02-2015.- The European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation (ACES Europe) Four candidates as Capital 2019 12-04-15.- The European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation(ACES Europe) has Getxo, sport quality certification 31-03-15.- The town of Getxo, Best European City of Sport 2014, received the cer EWoS from Las Rozas 22-03-15.- A group of experts met on March 11 in the Ciyt of Football (Las Rozas Postal Stamp Torino 2015 19-02-15.- On the occasion of the European Capital of Sport 2015 Torino has publ Loulé, Festival of Sport 03-02-15.- The European City of Sport 2015 in Portugal, Loulé, held last Januar Malaga, capital candidate 2019 21-01-15.- The Spanish city of Malaga has presneted last January 16 officially a First partner EWoS 04-12-2014.- Last December 1st the presidente of ACES Europe, Gian F. Lupattelli ACES Europe in Spanish Tour 13-01-15.- The president of ACES Europe, Gian F. Lupattelli, and the Secretary G CONI, Capital of Sport 04-11-2014.- On 4th November, the Italian Olympic Committee ( CONI ) in Rome hos Torino replaces Cardiff 24-11-2014.- November 19 was held at the European Parliament (Brussels), the awa Capitals 2016, 2017 and 2018 15-10-2014.- The Board of ACES Europe has recently made ​​official in a stat New logo of ACES Europe 06/10/2014.- The European Capitals and Cities of Sport Federation (ACES Europe) Bid File of Marseille 17-09-2014.- The City of Marseille presented at a press conference on 15 Septemb Comi checks italian cities The new vice president of the Group Consultatif Européenne, MEP Lara Comi, rece Support from Brussels 16.09.2014.- French and Bulgarian MEPs supported their respective cities from th Sofia delivers Bid File 08-09-2014.- The city of Sofia officially handed over last Thursday 4 September, Visit to Palermo The Italian city of Palermo received last June 12 the visit of the Evaluation Co Agreement with FESI On 11 June, the European Federation of the Sporting Goods Industry (FESI), where Meeting with Italian Minister ACES Europe’s President Gian F. Lupattelli, accompanied by counselors of MSP D Charleroi and SportWeCan Charleroi, European City of Sport 2012 in Belgium, put the finishing touch to th Quality certification ACES Europe through the ACES Europe Management Management (AEM) presented on 15 Evaluation of Prague From 9 to 11 May the Evaluation Committee of ACES Europe composed by 9 members v XXX Anniversary of MSP On April 29th at the residence of the Cappuccini in Rome (Via Veneto) and to var Memorandum of Prague In just two years the Czech Republic's largest city could become the European Ca ‘Sport We Can’ in Scotland The European project led by ACES Europe about good sport practices celebrated 'Sport We Can' in Ostrava Home to over 300,000 citizens, and the host of the annual Golden Spike world ath Candidature of Sofia 2017 The lady mayor of Sofia (Bulgaria), Mrs. Yordanka Fandukova, officially presente Maia big style The Portuguese town of Maia held its inaugural event of the year as European Cit ACES EU at Erasmus+ ACES Europe President Gian F. Lupattelli , accompanied by the General Secretary VIP launch of Sligo 2014 The Minister for Sport in Ireland attended the official launch of Sligo as Europ Cardiff celebrates 2014 As fireworks filled the sky at midnight on New Year’s Eve in the city, the Eur Agreement with FAGDE Europe ACES President Gian F. Lupattelli , in the presence of the Mayor of Estep Annual Awards Gala Next 6th of November will take place in the European Parliament (Brussels) the A Marseille presents itself in society Marseille officially launched at a massive press conference his candidacy for Eu Cardiff, Capital 2014 Alcide de Gasperi room of the European Parliament (Brussels ) was the scene on W CONI, Capital of Sport On 14 October, the Italian Olympic Committee ( CONI ) in Rome hosted an emotive Sofia values its candidacy The capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, is considering the possibility of submitting the Plovdiv, first Bulgarian city Plovdiv has become the first Bulgarian city awarded by ACES Europe in receiving Agreement with FIDE ACES Europe and the International Chess Federation (FIDE) have signed in Valenci Marseille and 'Sport We Can' The French city of Marseille has hosted the fourth round of the European project New recognition In order to encourage better development of the year in sports terms ACES Europe Fernades, Honorary President The Member of the Europarliament, the Portuguese José Manuel Fernandes was name Prague, candidate for 2016 The capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, presented at the headquaters of ACES Elite Sport conference Within the framework of Antwerp European Capital of Sport 2013, an international Workshop & Congress Guimaraes The Portuguese city of Guimaraes has hosted the second workshop of the European Palermo, candidate for Capital 2016 The city of Palermo presented at Villa Niscemi, during a press conference, the a 1st. 'macro-region' sports With the signing last August 6 of the partnership between ACES Europe and the r Promotion Agreement with La Rioja The Autonomous Community of La Rioja has signed an agreement with ACES Europe pr New European Project 2014 Recently ACES Europe through its network of European cities of sport has present Maia, European City of Sport 2014 The Portuguese town of Maia has been awarded as European City of Sport for 2014 Visiting European Cities of Sport Two Guimaraes adventurers will start the first half of August his motorcycle jou Cremona workshop With a short but elegant welcoming ceremony in the Hall of Paintings of Palazzo Ostrava, ECO 2014 The Czech city of Ostrava has recently been awarded as European City of Sport 2 Congress at Guimaraes The portuguese city of Guimaraes, European City of Sport 2013, organize the next Agreement with Emilia-Romagna The agreement was signed recently with he region of Emilia-Romagna (Italia) and Evaluation Commission Italy The offices of the Evaluation Commision in Italy was inaugurated recently by the
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stokeceremony09-02-16.- Thousands of people descended on Northwood Stadium tonight (Sat, Jan 30) as Stoke-on-Trent's year as a European City of Sport got under way in spectacular style.

Olympians Amy Williams, Jonathan Edwards and Colin Jackson were among the famous faces at the opening ceremony event, which was watched by more than 3,000 people, young and old, who packed out grandstands after snapping up tickets free of charge.

A party atmosphere quickly began to build inside the venue shortly after the gates were opened to lucky ticketholders at 5.30pm. The ceremony, called On Your Marks, had taken weeks to plan and was the biggest of its kind ever seen in the city.

Crowds were left awestruck as they watched the hour-long performance, which featured around 700 performers who took part in a stunningly choreographed display. It included community groups, guest appearances from local sporting heroes, representatives from across Europe and other sporting greats.

Winter Olympics gold medallist Amy Williams said: "Huge congratulations to Stoke-on-Trent. Opening ceremonies are hugely exciting, and I remember the ones I attended at the Olympics. This is great opportunity for everyone in Stoke-on-Trent to be involved in sport."

The performance took the audience on a journey through 'this great city', 'England's beating heart' and 'our sporting life', exploring Stoke-on-Trent's solid foundations and rich heritage of creativity, innovation, grass roots and professional sport, and an abundance of community sport.

The event included music, dance, film, digital projection, sporting showcases and a people's parade. It culminated with a spectacular firework finale by the company behind the displays for the Rugby World Cup 2015 Opening and Closing Ceremonies at Twickenham Stadium, Edinburgh's Hogmanay and the London New Year's Eve display on the River Thames and London Eye.

Among those in the crowd enjoying the event was Gale Perry from Bucknall, along with her husband Steve, daughter Natalie and granddaughter Lucy. Gale, aged 53, who works as a caterer at a nursery school, said: "It was an absolutely fantastic night. The entertainment was top class, especially when you consider the tickets were free of charge.

"I think it's great that Stoke-on-Trent has been named a European City of Sport. It's a really exciting time for everyone in the city and something which hopefully everyone can get involved with. We're all excited and looking forward to seeing what other events there are to come throughout the year."

Councillor Terry Follows, cabinet member for greener city, development and leisure, said: "Stoke-on-Trent has done itself proud tonight. What a fantastic way to officially start our year as a European City of Sport in front of thousands of people from across the city.

"The atmosphere was electric and I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did. This is a city with an absolute passion for the sporting life and we are so excited for the year ahead. A lot of the hard work starts now and we are committed to using this fantastic award to make a real difference for the city."

Hayley Faulkner, 46, attended the event with husband Tony, 46, twin daughters Charlotte and Lucy, 12, and son Joel, 9. The family, from Burslem were thrilled with the celebration event. Hayley said: "We do a lot of sports at Northwood Stadium, and the children do kickboxing and athletics. The kickboxing display as part of the celebration was brilliant, and the whole event is a fantastic occasion. It is great to see such an event and the city's status will bring in more people to the city and create a real buzz."

Since Stoke-on-Trent was announced as the UK's European City of Sport 2016 last year, the city council has committed some £3.5million to deliver a programme of activity not only throughout 2016, but to help create a legacy of lasting benefits for the city. This includes raising the profile of the city, supporting businesses and the local economy, and promoting pride in the city through positivity and raised aspirations.

Events and activities for the year are being finalised, and details will be released in the next few weeks, including a mass participation road race, a mass participation cycling Sportive, the Lord Mayor's Games involving schools and families in multi-sport events, a European dragon boat cup and a European netball cup. Discounted or free use of facilities and sessions at city sport and leisure centres will also be available.

The title was handed out by ACES Europe, a not-for-profit group based in Brussels. The initiative is supported by the European Commission.

John Swanson, vice-president, said: "Stoke-on-Trent is a city built on inclusion and social cohesion. It has a great diversity of sport and sports facilities. The city has a true partnership approach, in particular in health sectors. We're delighted to award the title to Stoke-on-Trent. Sport is important. It unites communities. Stoke-on-Trent is a city that is on the up."

The opening ceremony can be viewed again online via: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B3FFb7Qkz5A.

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