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Gold label for Guadalajara’s Half Marathon

Another great distinction has been brought to Guadalajara, following its award as the World Capital of Sport. The Mexican city…

Former Mexican President Vicente Fox congratulates Guadalajara

The recognition of Guadalajara as World Capital of Sport impressed the former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who warmly congratulated the…

A 20 years success story of physical activity in Europe

  A new year has started, expected to bring an abundance of sport activities all around Europe. Led by Malaga,…

Annual Gala 2019 – A major celebration of sports in the European Parliament

In a very festive and friendly atmosphere was held ACES’ annual Gala in the European Parliament where Malaga and Guadalajara…

Malaga, the European Capital of Sport ready to start a year full of sports

A sports celebration took place in the Cervantes theatre of Malaga on December 3, during the gala organized by the…

Guadalajara – World Capital of Sport 2020

Guadalajara (Mexico) has been officially declared as the World Capital of Sport 2020. The decision of ACES Europe was announced…